IRRI6 Rice Exporters - HAS Rice Pakistan

Producers, Millers & Exporters of IRRI6 Long Grain Rice from Pakistan.

HAS Rice Pakistan is a leading exporter of rice from Pakistan, particularly long grain Irri6 rice. We export all grades of long grain white rice from Pakistan. We specialize in export of 5% broken rice, 10% broken rice, 15% broken rice, 25% broken rice, 35% broken rice and 100% broken rice. Our major exports are destined for China & African countries.

HAS Rice Pakistan is very well experienced with African markets, with regular exports to Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Bissau, Mauritania, Madagascar, Benin and neighbouring countries. Our company is a Pakistan rice supplier of choice for Chinese companies importing rice from Mainland China.

HAS Rice Pakistan has an excellent reputation for offering most competitive prices with guaranteed quality every time. Our quality assurance department leaves no stone unturned to ensure that rice shipped from our factories is of top notch quality. This has earned us loyalty of hundreds of satisfied customers through-out the world. It is this reputation & trust of our customers that encourages us to raise the bar for quality benchmark for Pakistan rice exported worldwide.

About IRRI6 Long Grain Rice from Pakistan

Irri6 is a long grain coarse rice variety, grown in Sindh, Pakistan. It has an average grain length (AGL) of 6.0mm and is the preferred rice variety consumed in bulk volumes in Africa, Europe and Eastern European countries. We export Irri6 white rice with 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 35, 50 and 100% broken in single & double polished.

IRRI6 Rice Grades We Offer:

5% Broken Rice Exporters from Pakistan

White Rice, 5% Broken

Milling Grade: Silky Polished, Color Sortexed
Crop: 2021/2022
Packing: In 50 KGS net single PP bags.
Price: US$ 375/MT FOB Karachi - Pakistan.

15% Broken Rice Exporters from Pakistan

White Rice, 15% Broken

Milling Grade: Silky Polished, Color Sortexed
Crop: 2021/2022
Packing: In 50 KGS net single PP bags.
Price: US$ 369/MT FOB Karachi - Pakistan.


Terms & Conditions

By Containers
  • All Prices are Basis FOB KARACHI, Packed in standard single 50kgs net PP Bags.
By Vessel
  • We will not give answer to abstract and speculative demands.
Payment Terms
  • 30% Advance + 70% Balance payable immediately upon submission of documents by email.
  • We sell rice against Pakistan Standards of Rice Specification as laid down by PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Association) or with a strict regulation and ranking as requested by the client for quality and type of grain, so the samples are useless. If you insist, samples can be made available subject to seasonality, the postage/courier-charge will be for buyer side.
Delivery Time
  • 15 Working days from receipt of workable payment instrument, currently 15th October, 2021.
Third-Party Inspection of Shipment
  • Free of cost, SGS Inspection for Quality, Quantity & Weight at load port prior to shipment.
Documents Provided
  • Original Invoice;
  • Packing List;
  • Full Set of Master Bill of Lading;
  • Certificate of Fumigation;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • SGS Certificate for Quality, Quantity & Weight;
  • SGS Certificate for Container Cleanliness;
  • SGS Certificate for Packing List;
  • SGS Certificate for Bag Tally Certificate;
  • Pictures (high-definition) taken during loading/stuffing of containers;
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