Exporters of Pakistan IRRI 6 Long Grain Rice to Durban, South Africa.

What is our Specialization: Pakistan rice is the most popular rice in South Africa. Our company, Pakistan Rice Mills specializes in exports of Pakistan long grain white rice and 100% broken rice to Durban, South Africa. Export of Rice to other countries is a big liability as well so we owes this responsibility and discharge it with utmost care. We have the best milling facilities to categorize the product of paddy fields and to offer it to the international buyers.

How we do it: Rice is stored in high quality godowns which are designed for the necessary fumigation aeration and sampling. The fully equipped laboratory contains a mini mill, Kett whiteness meter and the ability to carryout Aflatoxin testing. We purchase excellent paddy to process it with our fine milling capacity and finally offer the selected grains to the customers in excellent packing. The process of refining the grains of same size is done with modern techniques to make them more presentable and also to improve their shelf life.

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