Exporters of Pakistan IRRI 6 Long Grain Rice to Mombasa, Kenya.

What is our Specialization: As a leading rice exporter from Pakistan, Has Rice Pakistan seeks to become a global rice company with an aim to take lead in providing the finest and high quality of Pakistan white rice to its customers in Kenya. For centuries, the quality and purity of the rice has been questionable. HAS Rice Pakistan aims to take lead in exporting high volumes of finest white rice from Pakistan to satisfy an increasing demand of rice consumers in East Africa.

How we do it: At our rice mills in Karachi, Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) is performed by SGS on each rice export order processed at our rice mills. This is to ensure compliance of quality, quantity & weight as per buyer's requirements. SGS certifies the quality of the rice shipment, thus re-assuring the buyer that the quality of rice shipped is in compliance with the buyer's order. We have state-of-the-art warehouses which are designed for the necessary fumigation, aeration and sampling. The company has a fully equipped laboratory consisting of a mini rice mill, Kett whiteness meter and the ability to carryout Aflatoxin testing.

Kenya mostly consumes the following grades of Pakistan Long Grain IRRI 6 Rice

Rice Exporters in Karachi, Pakistan.

Why Choose Us? HAS Rice Pakistan considers all its customers as partners. Our philosophy is simple: Our strength lies in our customers. We have first-hand experience of Kenyan market and our team routinely plans visits to Kenya and neighboring countries to keep up with developments in the market. We have in-depth knowledge & experience of requirements, rules & regulations of export of Pakistan white rice to the East African Community (EAC).

Few Advantages of working with us: As market places get increasingly competitive, it is natural for companies to look at more value-added, more cost-effective product offerings. HAS Rice Pakistan is able to leverage its two decades of experience as global rice suppliers, qualified personnel and state of the art rice milling & processing facilities in numerous ways to offer as unmatched value Proposition to its valued Customers.

  • Work directly with an ISO 22000:2005 Certified Pakistan rice mills with experience of more than 20+ years in the global rice industry.
  • Two rice processing mills, having a total capacity of 800 Metric Tons of milled rice per day.
  • SGS Inspection for quality, quantity & weight at loading port to ensure compliance with importing country's rules & regulation, at no extra price & no strings attached.
  • Reliable, convenient & reasonable prices.
  • HASRice has globally-benchmarked quality assurance system. HASRice has its own backward-integrated contract farming for coarse and basmati rice to ensure they meet all regulatory & food safety issues on pesticides, aflatoxins, etc.
  • HASRice has acquired enormous processing/quality/packaging assurance capabilities and an extremely competitive product & range over the years.
  • Costs of Packaging in Pakistan are much lower than in developed markets. With a reduced, more cost-effective supply chain, HASRice is able to offer even higher cost savings to private label customers.
  • HASRice's Commodity Risk Management capabilities enable it to insulate Private Label customers from the price fluctuation risks inherent to rice.
  • HASRice, on a continuous basis, keeps updated on regulatory requirements to make sure that HASRice is meeting the regulatory requirements of importing countries.
  • There is absolutely no way that you can lose, except by not requesting a free quotation from HAS Rice Pakistan. We personally guarantee that you've never tried anything like our quality & services.
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