Irri-6 Parboiled Rice

Pakistan Parboiled Rice Exporters

Pakistan Irri-6 Long Grain Parboiled Rice, 5% Broken Rice Exporters for Rwanda.

CNF Rwanda.

  • 5% Broken Rice
  • Pakistan Parboiled Rice
  • 50 KGS PP Bags

We offer our best in compliance with the requirement of rice types in Rwanda. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a customized Quotation as per your requirement. Following detail is for your ready reference to buy the perfect rice for Rwanda.

  • Packed in 50 KGs Bags per 26 Metric Tons Net in a 20 FT Container.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection by SGS - Free!
  • First-Class Shipping Lines Used for Quick Transit Times
  • ISO 22000:2005 & BRC Certified Rice Mills
  • PVOC Certificate of Conformity - Free!
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Parboiled Rice

25 KGs Loading Details:

  • Packed in 25 KGS (Net.) PP Bags, with a tare weight of 70 grams.
  • Total 1040 bags of 25 kilograms loaded in a 20 feet container.
  • Total 26 Metric Tons net in a 20 ft container.
Parboiled Rice

50 KGs Loading Details:

  • Packed in 50 KGS (Net.) PP Bags, with a tare weight of 110 grams.
  • Total 520 bags of 50 kilograms loaded in a 20 feet container.
  • Total 26 Metric Tons net in a 20 ft container.

Price Terms & Conditions:

  • All Prices are Basis CNF *Destination port, shipped on major shipping lines (SAF Marine, Maersk, CMACGM, UASC etc).
  • Packed in standard single 50kgs net PP Bags.
  • Price quoted above includes Third Party Inspection (preferably SGS) for Quality, Quantity & Weight at loading port.
  • All prices quoted are for 15th October, 2021 shipment and are subject to our final confirmation.
  • The final product is packed in 520 Bags of 50Kgs Net each in a 20’ container – 26MT.
  • Minimum of Quantity: 5 x 20’ FCL (130 Metric Tons) up to 300 x 20' FCL (7800 Metric Tons).
  • Payment Terms: 30% Advance + 70% balance payable immediately upon submission of original B/L through email.
  • Delivery Time: 15 Working Days from receipt of advance payment/workable payment instrument.

Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • All orders are sold based on FOB or CNF/CIF Terms.
  • Minimum of 30% advance deposit of the total invoice value is required upon contract confirmation for the shipment to be processed.
  • All banking & transaction fees outside Pakistan must be paid fully from the Buyer/Importer's side.
  • Export Pre-inspection shipment inspection by the designated surveyor (SGS Pakistan, InterTek) will take place once the shipment is ready for export.
  • Once the booking has been confirmed with the shipping carrier, our customer support department will supply a SO (Shipping Order, BL draft) to the customer. The customer is responsible to inform any change of consignee at this point of the stage.
  • Prior to loading & again at the time of loading, rice shipment will be stuffed in the containers & fumigated under supervision of the surveyor company (SGS Pakistan, InterTek)
  • Once shipment/vessel has departed, Original BL Scan and all shipment documents will be submitted by email within 2-3 business days after the Vessel Departure date.
  • The final balance of the total FOB/CNF value must be paid within 1 week time after the Vessel Departure date.
  • Once final balance is confirmed at our account, all necessary documentation for the import process will be supplied via DHL to the appointed address given from the buyer. The DHL tracking Number will be supplied when dispatched.
  • The DHL will include,
    • Original Invoice
    • Original Packing List
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Fumigation Certificate
    • Non-GMO Certificate
    • Certificate of Quality, Quantity & Weight - issued by third-party surveyor (SGS, InterTek etc).
    • Certified Packing List - issued by third-party surveyor (SGS, InterTek etc).
    • Container Cleanliness Certificate - issued by third-party surveyor (SGS, InterTek etc).
    • Crop Year Certificate - issued by third-party surveyor (SGS, InterTek etc).
  • If the Customer shall fail to pay the balance in full after 14 days after the Vessel Departure Date from Pakistan, HAS Rice Pakistan will have the full rights to forfeit the original deposit and to have the shipment sold to a different customer to ensure the full collection for HAS Rice Pakistan's security.
  • Once the DHL is received, you are ready to clear the shipment at the port.

SGS Inspection Certificates

Shipping Line: Transit Time & Freight

  • Payment terms: Buyers may choose from 100% L/C at Sight (Confirmed) - OR -25% Advance + 75% Balance payable immediately upon submission of documents by email.
  • Delivery within 12 working days from receipt of workable payment instrument.
  • We use only premium shipping lines with shorter transit times for all our shipment. These include Maersk Line, SAF Marine Lines, PIL, UASC, CMA CGM, Delmas, UAFL and OOCL. Other shipping lines as per customer's request.
  • All empty containers are verified by SGS to make sure they are in excellent sea-worthy conditions.

Export Documents Provided


Each bag shall be marked legibly and indelibly or a label shall be attached to the bag, with the following information:

  • Name of produce. The name shall designate the type of rice
    (e.g. milled rice, husked rice, etc);
  • Year of harvest;
  • Net mass in kilograms;
  • Country of origin and;
  • Name and address of the producer or trader.

Bulk consignment shall be accompanied by documents declaring the information above for Marking.

Shelf Life

Should have at least 2 years remaining shelf life upon arrival in Rwanda.

Rice Pictures

Shipment Pictures

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